Things You Should Know Before Shipping

Below is some common information you should know prior to dropping off your package. If you require any additional information please contact us by phone or email.

Please go to our Shipping Calculator to get an exact price quote for your parcel.

Address and Contact Information

  • Before delivering to the recipient the courier will attempt to contact the receiver. Please bring with you a current phone number for your recipient.
  • It is recommended to have the recipient's address written out in the language of the destination country.
  • We recommend writing the recipients address and contact information on the center of two sides of the parcel.
  • We recommend writing your address and contact information on the top left corner of the same two sides of the parcel.


  • We recommend using a standard card board box or plastic container.
  • Wooden crates are acceptable but not recommended. If you are using a wooden container you must make sure the wood is certified and accepted in the destination country.
  • Any bar codes on the parcel must be blacked out.
  • Parcels cannot exceed 120 cm in Length.
  • Max combined dimensions (Width + Length + Height) cannot exceed 220cm. For parcels that exceed this size please contact us and we will try and accommodate you.

Country Restrictions

  • The country of Belarus limits shipments to 1 parcel per recipient per month.
  • For parcels shipped to Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Russian the max weight for a parcel is 30 Kg. Max weight per one shipment is 50 kg. You may leave multiple parcels with us and we will send them on the next shipment. (Shipments leave a minimum of once per week)


  • EU law says one person can receive goods with a declared value of up to CAD $50.00 per shipment without any customs tariffs or duties (Taxes). If you declare a parcel to have a value over $50.00 you must inform the receiver of the package that they will have to clear customs and pay the customs agency to release the parcel – they can send the necessary documents by email or mail.
  • The customs agency contacts the receiver directly. As a freight forwarder we are not involved in the customs process.
  • If the parcel is stopped for clearance by the customs authorities (which typically happens if the declared value of the parcel is over CAD $50.00), the recipient will receive a customs authorization form which they will need to fill out and declare the value and contents of the package. The recipient then sends it back to the customs agency with a copy of their ID.
  • Customs services reserve the right to open and inspect any and all packages which appear at their borders. Your parcel may be subject to additional fees and fines if the declared contents and value do not match the actual contents and value of the parcel.


  • Cigarettes, Alcohol, Liqueur, Drugs or other Illegal Substances.
  • Engines, Air Bags, etc.
  • All Firearms and Components thereof, includes Pellet guns, Ball Bearing (BB) guns, Compressed Air (zip) guns and guns using CO2 cylinders to launch projectiles.
  • Ammunition of any type.
  • Dangerous Goods, Anything Flammable, Gases, Sprays (Includes perfumes, colognes and body sprays).
  • All Currency,if you need to send money overseas use a recognised Money transfer service.
  • Correspondence and Documents.
  • Plants and Animals, Alive or Dead.
  • Prescribed Medications

Insuring Packages

  • All parcels are insured up to a declared value of CAD $60.00, Sadditional insurance for parcels valued over CAD $60.00 can be purchased (see below).
  • Additional insurance options:
      1. $7.00 – up to CAD $300.00
        $11.00 – up to CAD $500.00
        $21.00 – up to CAD $1000.00
  • All insurance options only cover loss of a parcel. The insurance does not cover damage. It is the responsibility of the client to make sure their parcel is properly packed for shipment.